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[1985] Brian comes screaming into the world just a few minutes before his twin sister, Beth. As the middle child of three, he will grow up to be loud, boisterous, demanding the center of attention if he can to make sure that he isn't overshadowed by either of his siblings or forgotten about by his parents.

[1997] Brian undergoes the first of three knee surgeries to repair an injury sustained while playing rugby. It hurts, a lot, and he decides that the pain isn't worth the sport.

[1998] Brian calls himself out on his bluff and, after several months of physical therapy, returns to his old rugby team. After picking up a particularly rough knock and seeing stars, he decides that his first game back is also his last and chooses to cheer on his pals from the sidelines.

[2000] Secondary school is in full swing. The loud, obnoxious middle child has toned himself down in favor of flying under the radar rather than draw extra attention to himself at school. He finds that he genuinely enjoys learning and struggles to find a balance between schoolwork, of which he has a lot, and a social life, of which he's lacking.

[2004] He graduates near the top of his class and begins university at the University of Greenwich, where the academic year starts off in a particularly unremarkable fashion. That soon changes, and the world that Brian knows changes forever as the Bradford parents are found murdered in their own home just a few weeks before Christmas. It is officially thought to be a home invasion gone wrong, but the facts don't appear to add up. Brian returns to university in an attempt at retaining a sense of normalcy.

[2008] After graduating with a degree in biological sciences, Brian moves to the states. It is a chance to start fresh, and Cambridge, MA, becomes his new home as he begins a doctoral program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He looks forward to the prospect of living abroad but is not without reservations, and he takes solace in knowing that he'll have family nearby as Beth moves to Boston, too.

[2010] Brian's inheritance becomes available to him as he turns 25. Unsure of what to do with it, he stashes it away and leaves it untouched, as it is far more than he'll ever need. Later, he seeks out a financial advisor who provides him with the guidance he needs to save wisely.

[2013] Brian finishes his dissertation, the culmination of several years of life spent toiling away in the laboratory. He graduates from MIT and begins a year-long fellowship at Novartis as a human geneticist to help develop pharmaceuticals and determine which testing candidates are appropriate for which clinical trials. He also meets Lillian West. He's smitten with her almost immediately, and the two enter in a relationship. She is his world. Eventually, he proposes, and Lily accepts.

[2014] His world crumbles around him when the engagement is called off. After a year and a half and some classic self-destruction from Brian, he finds himself alone, broken, and drinking far too much. He quits his job, packs his bags, and leaves Boston for a few months to embark on what he refers to as a sabbatical. His exact whereabouts remain a mystery to those who know him, and they would be sorely disappointed if they were ever to find out that he road tripped across the country solo and settled in Los Angeles, of all places, to clear his head for a short time.

[2015] By now, Brian has returned to Boston. He remains unhappy and unemployed, but he channels his energy and time into flipping houses. Each property takes several months of work, but it's a lucrative endeavor that also allows him to get his hands dirty on occasion. The physical labor acts as a pressure relief valve for the parts of his life that he doesn't want to face or refuses to handle.